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Anna Rose Bain

Artwork by Anna Rose

Specializing in fine art oil paintings and commissioned portraits, artist Anna Rose Bain works in a traditional method based on painting techniques handed down by the old masters. She works with the highest quality paints and linen canvases to create heirloom quality works of art that will last for generations. Anna is based in the Denver area and her work is nationally recognized.

Artwork by Anna Rose
November 4th, 2015
Photoshop Tutorial - Cropping & Adjusting Images of Your Artwork
Once upon a time, I had great ambitions of writing a book on Photoshop just for artists. Then life got crazy! Still, I find that in this day and age, too many artists are ill-equipped for the demands of our web-centered world. We have to be able to present quality images of our artwork for our websites, competitions, publications, and digital portfolios, otherwise we look ignorant and unprofessional.
That is why I think it's i...

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