The Second Inaugural Address


Anna recently completed a masterpiece historical portrait of Abraham Lincoln. This carefully researched work is one of a very small number of paintings of Lincoln ever produced, both during his lifetime and in the decades since. It depicts the president in deep reflection, writing his Second Inaugural Address. The speech represents a pivotal time in Lincoln's presidency as he sought to bring unity to a broken nation.

Lincoln is shown as he would have appeared in 1865, weary and aged from the war. In the background is a map of the slave population in the South in 1863, and an open Bible, as there are many references to Scripture in his speech.

For a detailed look into the painting process, please see my blog post about this painting.

Due to popular demand, limited edition giclees are available in several sizes, including the original 48"x38". Each archival stretched canvas print is hand-signed and numbered by the artist. A special release of only 200 hand-signed reproductions will ever be made.

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"The Second Inaugural Address"
48x38 inches - oil on linen - 2018

Anna's Self-Published Book

Anna's self-published book detailing her process for creating her portrait of Abraham Lincoln. .

12x12 inches, 28 pages, hand-signed by the artist - $75.00

"The Second Inaugural Address:
An Artist's Process for Creating a Historical Portrait"

by Anna Rose Bain