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Anna Rose Bain

Artwork by Anna Rose

Specializing in fine art oil paintings and commissioned portraits, artist Anna Rose Bain works in a traditional method based on painting techniques handed down by the old masters. She works with the highest quality paints and linen canvases to create heirloom quality works of art that will last for generations. Anna is based in the Denver area and her work is nationally recognized.

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Another horizontal format #peonypainting #ontheeasel, only this time I chose darker blooms with a lighter background. Having a blast with this one so far! 10x20

Artwork by Anna Rose
May 30th, 2017
I SEE YOU: The Art of Capturing a Likeness
I've been thinking a lot over the past month about a comment I received more than once while painting my Face Off demo at the Portrait Society of America conference. Several observers said, "You nailed the likeness. You really captured her soul." I know it was meant as a compliment, but I wonder if these kind folks realized the gravity behind what they were saying. To go from "nailing the likeness" to "capturing ...

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