Commission a Portrait

Graham A commissioned portrait is a timeless heirloom. It can catch the fleeting innocence of youth, celebrate the depth of a special relationship, or honor one's lifework. The process is exciting and enjoyable for both the artist and the sitter. Anna's passion for capturing both life and likeness on canvas allows her to work closely with you in creating the perfect painting. The end result is a work of art which combines your original vision for the piece with the artist's unique style and execution.




Prices between $750 and $1000
Sizes available: 5"x7", 6"x6", 6"x8"
One subject only
Portrait Sketch

Portrait Sketch

Prices start at $1,500
Sizes start at 12"x9"
Painted in one 3-4 hour sitting, one subject only
Head and Shoulders

Head and Shoulders

Approximate Size: 18"x24"
Head and Hands

Head and Hands

Approximate Size: 30"x24"
Full Length

Full Length

Adult: $11,000
Child: $8,500
Typical Adult Size: 60"x36"
Typical Child Size: 40"x30"
  • For each additional figure, add 50% of initial fee. Discounts are available for large families (6+). For pets, add 25% per pet.
  • Individual pet portraits are available upon request - please contact the artist for a quote.
  • Sizes and fees are approximate and will be adjusted based on the client's home (where the portrait will hang), number of subjects, and complexity of background.
  • Fees listed are for the artwork only and do not include travel expenses, framing, tax or shipping.

  • Portrait Process

    A portrait is a priceless heirloom. Call today to get started on your very own unique commissioned portrait!

    1) After your initial inquiry, the artist will meet with you in person or over the phone to get to know you better and gain a clear understanding of your vision for the portrait. At this time, size, number of subjects, clothing, and background elements will be discussed, as well as the time frame for the portrait. The portrait fee will be based on these elements and will be discussed and agreed upon at this time. You should also know where you want your portrait to be displayed, as this is crucial when deciding on a size.

    2) A painting sitting (usually lasting 1-2 hours) and/or photography session will then be scheduled at your convenience. Anna prefers to have at least one live session with the sitter in order to get a feel for their personality and unique characteristics. Most often, she will do a small color study from life to take accurate notes of skin and hair tones, and complete the final portrait using both her photo references and the color study. She may work from the client's photos (must be high-quality) if the portrait is posthumous or from a special event, such as a wedding. However, live sittings are strongly encouraged, as they produce the best results and are then completely original, and a fun, once-in-a-lifetime experience for the sitter.

    3) At the photo session or initial sitting, the client will sign a portrait commission contract and submit a deposit of 50% of the portrait fee. The contract may be viewed here. Anna is happy to work with your budget, so if the client prefers, a payment plan can be drawn up.

    4) Anna will create a mock-up of the portrait composition for the client's approval via email. Please note that the size originally agreed upon may be adjusted slightly for compositional purposes after the photo session.

    5) Once the image references and pose have been decided on, the artist will begin the painting, using the finest paints and materials to ensure that the portrait will be of heirloom quality. Anna stretches and primes her own canvases (a 10-day process), working on Belgian portrait linen for a smoother working surface, and using only oil paints that have a proven lightfastness to stand the test of time.

    6) Upon request, the artist may email pictures of her progress, and will keep you updated throughout the process. She will continue to work closely with you in order to create a piece that is beautiful, original and true to the subject's likeness and personality.

    7) Except for quick sketches, which are completed in 1-2 sittings, portraits take 3-5 months to complete depending on their complexity. The artist will send a digital photo to the client to confirm the completion of the portrait. The remainder of the portrait fee is due upon delivery.

    8) If desired, Anna will frame and ship at cost.


    "Print or original? To those reading, I am an artist so I appreciate originals and the creation thereof. I am also the mother of four children, who will one day soon need braces, and cars, and college tuition. A couple years ago my daughters modeled for Anna in their ballet attire. It was a fun for them to have that experience. I work primarily outdoors en plein air, so a portrait studio was something entirely new! My girls had a million questions, which Anna answered patiently, and thus becoming an outstanding role model for my girls. The resulting paintings were so beautiful. I was delighted to buy giclee prints. The thought of the originals stayed in the back of my mind, but conflicted with the reality of the cost of raising my children! The prints were outstanding! They were... Perfect. How could the original be that much better? Now the proud owner of one of those originals, I will happily say, the original is somehow exponentially more beautiful. It is luminous and brilliant in a way the perfect print was not."

    - Juliana Crownover (Sunnyvale, TX)

    "Anna -- As I've spent the last few days gazing at the precious face of my son in your work of art, I think I've finally decided what makes portraits so wonderful. Photos capture an image or a moment but freeze them in the past. Looking back at them is wonderful but it always feels just like that - 'looking back'! Every time I look at D's face in the painting, I feel like you captured the essence of his personality and it jumps off the canvas back into my heart each time. It is, of course, not 'real,' but yet somehow I feel as though that little boy is who is growing up so fast now can't run away completely because a little bit of 'real' is captured forever and living in that portrait. Thank you for sharing your talent with us! Such a treasure."

    - Erica Stanton (Dallas, TX)

    "I want everyone out there to know Anna is the most talented artist - her portrait of my son and our dogs was wonderful. When you commission a painting you are never quite sure of the result - I cannot put in words the amazing work of Anna Rose Bain. I am so thankful I was fortunate enough to have her paint my son. Thank you so much, Anna."

    - Robin McGuire (Dallas, TX)

    "I commissioned Anna to do portraits of my 6 year old twins, Carlos and Olivia. The whole experience was such a delight from start to finish. Anna captured the likeness of each one of them beyond what I could have ever imagined. She kept me updated throughout the entire process with progress shots, which were such a joy to see the paintings coming along! Our family was so impressed with her work that my father has commissioned Anna to do a painting of my kids for my mother as a gift! These are heirlooms that will be cherished forever! Thank you so much Anna for such a wonderful gift!

    - Kim Fonts (Dallas, TX)