My Materials

I am always experimenting with new materials. Here is what I am currently using.

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Painting supplies (Studio):

Painting Surfaces:

Oil Painting Surfaces - VIDEOS

Check out my free 3-part YouTube video series about oil painting surfaces!)


I use a variety of high quality paints. This list below are my current favorites. Paints with an asterisk (*) are almost always on my pallette.



Good lighting is a must! I try to have the same temperature light on my canvas and palette as on my model. I work with a couple different lights: a fluorescent daylight-balanced softbox set-up on a boom stand (available through Cowboy Studio, see below), and an LED temperature-adjustable light from Aputure, which I usually have set to 4500K. These lights offer cool lighting that comes as close to natural north light as one can get.
Click the image to view this continuous set from Cowboy Studio:

Click the image to view the Aputure Light StormLS1C:

As far as light stands, I recommend using a metal boom stand (you can balance it with a sandbag) to light the model or a still life setup, as it gives you a lot more control over the lighting angle. Here's what I have in my studio:

Painting Supplies (Plein Air):