My Materials

I am always experimenting with new materials. Here is what I am currently using.

Painting supplies (Studio):

Painting Surfaces:


Other colors I use (depending on the subject) include: Quinocridone Magenta (Gamblin), Burnt Sienna (Gamblin), Cadmium Red, Radiant Violet (Gamblin), King's Blue (Vasari), Thalo Blue, Permanent Rose, Mentler Mustard (Rembrandt), Olive Green (I like both Winsor & Newton, which is darket, and Gamblin, which is lighter), and Thalo Green.



Lighting the model properly is VERY important. One should try to have the same temperature lighting on their canvas and palette as on their model. I work with a couple different lights: a 5500K fluorescent daylight-balanced softbox set-up on a boom stand (available through Cowboy Studio, see below), and an LED temperature-adjustable light from Aputure. These lights offer cool lighting that comes as close to natural north light as one can get.
Click the image to view this continuous set from Cowboy Studio:

Click the image to view the Aputure Light StormLS1C:

Painting Supplies (Plein Air):